Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Travelling like a mofo.

Holy Crap... I don't deserve a postal code at the moment. Been travelling so much that I wonder if I should just buy a plane to save money. Let's see - where have I been in the last year?

May 06 - Maui, Hawaii
Aug 06 - Paradise Island, Bahamas
Sept 06 - Vegas
Oct 06 - Kelowna, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vegas (again)
Nov 06 - Toronto, Calgary
Dec 06 - Philippines (Metro Manila Area)
Jan 07 - Recovering from Jet Lag.
Feb 07 - Calgary, Vegas
March 07 - Philippines (Metro Manila, Boracay)
April 07 - Vegas (yes, again), Whistler, Calgary, Winnipeg
May 07 - Florida (Disneyworld), Calgary
Jun 07 - Toronto, Edmonton

Man, wish they'd hurry up and invest transporters already. I hate planes. This much travel isn't as glorious as it sounds for those of you with the ol' desk job. Luggage hunting is not a sport I enjoy, or recommend ;) I wish my travel schedule upon no-one.

Janice hitched a ride with me on the majority of the trips (of course the ones where it was an anniversary trip - duh).

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