Monday, November 26, 2007

Jobs cause the most stress

Here's a damn good reason for me creating iPoint:

Stress = BAD

Job = Stress


Job = BAD

Take a look at THIS article from the Vancouver Sun. Although I should really write up the whole story from the beginning, Infiniti Point to me was a method to help my friends and family members (at least the ones that were ready) learn and join me in the quest for passive income and financial freedom. Even though I feel that I've already met and surpassed my original personal goals, it's no fun sitting on the beach by myself...

I'll have to add that my stress levels - even at a job that I enjoyed at one point were still up there. Being stuck - not having the choice to WANT to work and not HAVE to work is still a stressing point unto itself.

Having said that, please join me in my quest for chasing perfection and true freedom. Check out and join the forums, help us to find opportunities, and join the ones that we're already participating in and escape the 9-5 prison that gives Canadians so much stress as of late. My next personal goal will be to help 15 people reach either 1M in net worth, or 500k/year in passive income by 2010. Afterwards, the goal will be to help 100 people reach the same goals by 2012 and lastly 1000 people by 2014.

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