Monday, December 3, 2007

The Learning Annex in Vancouver (Dec 1 2007)

Wow, compared to the videos and samples of the Learning Annex in other areas of the world - I must say that the Vancouver version of it was less than spectacular. It was nowhere near as interesting as the flyers made it out to be.

Nevertheless, Patrick and I went down to check things out over there and we ran into a few of the regular seminar-goers that we come across during our financial searches. Like minded people tend to flock together I suppose. In any case, the setup of the room was pretty interesting with a very empty square space in the middle - which I found out was just a section for the sales staff to setup for when the closing of educational classes were sold.

In the end, I did purchase a course on the recommendation of a colleague who's currently earning just under 1M/year in the Real Estate markets. The presenter's name was Albert Lowry - and apparently he's the one who's taught many of the folks on the market today. Let's see how this thing pans out. The course is set to be in early January - I'll reserve judgement of the course until after I really give it a good run.

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