Saturday, February 2, 2008

Infiniti Point - Stopping the Madness

Digging around on the internet, I got a link showing that apparently Vancouver is a place where people can hide out and work on things that are not so much on the lighter side of the fence. My intent on creating Infiniti Point was to get a group of like minded individuals together to work as a team on learning how investments work, and working together to build our financial houses together.

With the whole mess of HFX going on - I'm going to focus back on the basics again and head back into a stronger training phase for myself and the agents around me that still wish to follow. Having said that - we're going to look at 3 major markets - Real Estate, Foreign Exchange (again), and the Stock Market.

I'm going to continue attending the real estate courses that I've already started into, alongside starting to take courses on the stock market in the few upcoming months. In the meantime, I've set aside all outside forex trading opportunities and will go back to my roots of reviewing the basics and working with my original forex teachers from the Philippines. You'll note on the ipoint investment club blog a new post with forex trading signals. These come straight from my original forex teacher: Jomer Abelarde, who I will continue to work with to rebuild the forex side of ipoint.

There's still some great opportunities out there but in the meantime, it's back to school for me as I rebuild the group up. If any of the iPoint clients are interested in where the next sets of training will be held, just keep an eye on this blog alongside the forum. There will be an excellent communications course that I'm going to help administer for Dr. Blair Dunkley in February - so if you're interested - drop me a line and I'll keep you posted. I've already started on the HFX victims fund as well, and I execute my first few trades next week. Wish me luck as I start the journey again, but with more experience under my belt.

Happy Investing,
Earl Flormata

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