Monday, October 8, 2007

Protest vs. Tax Evasion

Jury says Windsor tax protest not tax evasion Jack Klundert of Windsor, Ont., has won a court case in which he was charged with refusing to pay about $350,000 in taxes.Copyright 2007 CBC All Rights Reserved

So let me get this straight...
"Klundert, who says he doesn't believe the federal government has the constitutional right to collect income tax, was found not guilty of tax evasion. "

Some dude, just says I don't wanna pay these CRA guys taxes - so I'm just gonna protest and not pay tax...

"Klundert argued that disclosing his earnings to the government would be like "sitting down with thieves" and telling them where his valuables were. "

And that's that? - Geez. And I thought that we had to go through all of these compliated methods to save taxes when all you really have to do is just say "no" in protest. Hell then I protest too! :)

For those of us who can't pull off the protest though, give the folks from a call and you'll be able to find out what tax savings methods they've got handy.

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