Tuesday, October 9, 2007

So I took today off.

So I took today off and spent it with my wife. We had some dim sum in the morning, had plans to take a walk but due to the crummy weather in Vancouver ended up heading to the mall instead. At Oakridge Centre, I took her shopping and found some nice new clothes for both of us (thanks to Tommy Bahamas for me, and Hugo Boss for her). Afterwards we just grabbed some groceries at Costco, and then headed to Lumiere's for a nice relaxing dinner. Although it wasn't a spectacularly planned and eventful day, it sure was relaxing.

I suppose we're still going to need some "wise words" on the blog today so here goes:

P/PC Balance - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
I've been reading this book for awhile now, and something came to mind today. In the book there's an analogy in story form about the Production / Production Capability balance that takes into account the "legend" of the golden goose. In short, a farmer finds out that a goose of his lays golden eggs, and for a short while he collects a golden egg once a day and enjoys his riches. One day he decides that one egg a day is too slow, and kills the goose to get to many eggs at once. Sadly there is no gold in the goose, and now with it's death the goose or PC (Production Capability) was destroyed because of the farmer's greed.

It's a fine balance between production and production capability - or work and play. If you focus on either side by itself, the other neglected side will drag down both. Hence my day off today. I'll admit that we both worked a little bit, but focusing the majority of the day on each other was a nice change of pace that was much needed and welcomed.

It's been awhile since I've given my wife some flowers so that was something I thought about as well. A friend and ex-coworker of mine left the software industry, and just happens to own a little flower shop http://www.passionfloral.ca/ Thanks for the quick delivery Choymann! And an awesome job on the flowers as usual.

Back to the grind tomorrow, but a little more refreshed and with a little more spring in my step.

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