Monday, January 7, 2008

Infiniti Point: Really Good Returns?

What are "really good returns" to you? To me, it used to be 8-10% or higher when I was just a regular sheep following the herd into RRSP land. Then it changed to 30% or higher, now with the investment banking training, forex trading training, and real estate training between my ears, it'd better be 200-400% or higher. What is risk but a calculated variable? If you can mitigate risk with control - then is it truly still called gambling? Counting the cards is frowned upon, but a necessary skill when attempting to take on Vegas is it not? A 1% average win ratio above and beyond the house is still an asset. What then is the difference being armed with the power that is knowledge when entering the financial realm? I know it's an over-used term, but crossing the street is still considered taking a risk is it not? However crossing without looking or running across a highway isn't the brightest thing to do either. Besides, knowing more than the average investor gives me a little more than that card counting 1% bonus.

The best investment by far is the asset that lies between your ears. This doesn't mean that I'm about to go informercial on your ass and try to sell you some lame "how to win at everything" e-book duct taped to DVD's and a chaser seminar to upsell you even more crap that you don't need. In the future, iPoint will go even deeper into the educational portion with proper lessons, but it'll just cover the essentials before someone can get their feet wet with their new found opportunities.

iPoint is a company that researches investments and shares it with their clients. We all take part in helping to decide whether or not an investment is a good idea or a bad idea, and help everyone by providing a proper opinion from a non-biased standpoint. I'm usually the first guinea pig to test something out with my own personal funds, but I let people know where and when I'm playing so you can help give your own opinion, or tag along for the ride. I'm not a licensed financial planner, nor will I ever want to become one because it limits what I'm allowed to say to people, as the place where my license would be hung would dictate what to sell, and what to say. Besides, I'm not selling - but rather educating people on their options in what's truly available out there. Although I'm somewhat successful, I don't consider myself to be a genius, a guru, or an expert of any sort in the financial realm. I am but a student - willing to share what I know in exchange for a chance to learn more because for me - it's no longer a necessity, but a game and a labour of love. In the end, my loyalty lies with the bottom line, and my people.

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