Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Infiniti Point: Ritz, more than just a cracker.

Downtown Vancouver pricing on real estate seems to have no true upper limit as of yet. The Ritz Carlton (not to be confused with the other "Ritz" )has just broken the $20 million price barrier and is now the most expensive condo penthouse in BC.

Now with that type of price tag - it's no wonder that people think Vancouver is expensive to live in. Even though it's still considered as one of the top ten places in the world to live. Having said that I'm about to embark on a journey towards learning more and more about real estate.

It's about time I suppose that I move into that territory as it complements the stock market training I'm undergoing as well. With the support from my income in the Forex sector - it's a definitely worth a deeper look. I'll be attending the course run by Albert Lowry on Friday through to Sunday.

However before then, I'll be taking 2 days off my normal "working" time - (if you can call what I do "work") because it's my wife's birthday on the 10th - and our dating anniversary on the 9th. (Damn you Karl for prodding me to ask her out the day before her bday. If only we had that discussion a week earlier, or later...) Now see, I had asked her out without thinking of the financial ramifications of having Christmas, New Years, Our Dating Anniversary (which sounds funny, but is almost more meaningful to us than our wedding anniversary), Her Birthday, and Valentine's Day within the same 2 month timespan. But that was then, and now I'm doing a little better than before with my $5/hour martial arts teaching job, and paper route back in the day. Never forget to balance the whole work/family ratio in life. We have to stop and smell the flowers once in awhile eh?

Well - back to the real estate, I just purchased a house for $540k on the market - and after the renovations, I'm hoping to pull out the equity growth to invest for cashflow and not have to worry so much about the mortgage payments. (not that I worry a whole lot now, but meh, less worrying is even better) Time to see if I can't buy the next house on the block and make it cashflow as well... only time will tell, but I'll keep you all posted on what happens next. Gotta love that Smith Manoeuvre ... oh that and spellcheck. God Bless spellcheck. M-A-N-O-E-U-V-R-E... I'll get it right one of these days.

Just because I'm the CEO of Infiniti Point doesn't mean I stop researching... why you ask? One - because it's no fun being alone on the beach without my friends, and Two? Well - I can't afford a penthouse at the Ritz quite yet. Almost, but still a little journey away. Until then, have a good one, and I'll just keep reading and researching away.

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